Gunnar Már Óttarsson

Programmer / Developer Operations

Employment History

Programmer / Developer Operations at Vettvangur

Vettvangur provides web-based solutions often built with .Net & Umbraco

2016 — Present |

Developed web solutions for a number of Icelandic entities including Eimskip, Directorate of Health, Michelsen, ASÍ, BGS, 66° North and Mín Líðan. 

Responsibilities included:

  • Mentoring junior backend developers
  • Lead developer on a number of projects I was involved in
  • Managing the on-premise network, Active Directory (AD), Azure cloud integration & Vpn connections
  • DevOps solutions.

Notable accomplishments:

  • Lead programmer for MinLidan which won the 2019 Icelandic web award for best web-based system.
  • Configured an on-premise Active Directory (AD) simplifying access to shared resources, servers and databases.
  • Integrated on-premise AD to Azure AD and configured Azure AD SSO to various online services (Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, Asana, GitHub).
  • Developed a suite of PowerShell scripts that automate local and remote IIS/MSSQL/AD configuration related to provisioning a new website.
  • Created the open-source project which allows for easy integration with the authentication service.
  • Developed Umbraco integrations for a number of international and Icelandic payment providers for use in-house.
  • Security Assessment & Code review for clients such as Sjóvá & Íslandspóstur following the OWASP top 10 and various other web focused security techniques (f.x. CSP, HSTS).
  • Researched solutions to unify application logging. For our uniform logging events I went old-school and created an Excel spreadsheet with VBA macros reading from Sql over other solutions more suited to logs from disparate sources.

Systems Administrator at Tölvu og Tækniþjónustan

Tölvu og Tækniþjónustan is an IT contractor offering on-premise system administration, design and support.

2008 — 2015

Setup and day-to-day operations of network equipment and servers for Icelandic brewery Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson & the interest groups in Borgartún 35 among others.

Was heavily involved with the redesign, setup and maintenance of Ölgerðin’s network infrastructure during the 2009 migration to its current warehouse location.

  • Deployed a trio of CentOS servers responsible for internet DNS requests for all domains owned by their clients.
  • Configuration and management of a VMWare virtualization solution.
  • Migration from VMWare to Hyper-V.

Employed at Nýherji/Vodafone/Skýrr

IT solutions / Telecommunications / IT solutions

2005 — 2007

Computer assembly, home internet customer service & SysAdmin.

Classes & Certifications (Promennt) 2007-2010

  • Cisco Certified Networking Professional - Routing & Switching

  • Cisco Certified Networking Associate - Security

  • Cisco Certified Networking Associate

  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - Networking Infrastructure

  • MCSA Class




Fadila music player





  • Snowboarding
  • Soccer
  • Electronic Dance Music
  • Magic the Gathering
  • League of Legends

Took part in planning and managing the Icelandic Gamer LAN party in 2009 and 2010.

Qualified for the Icelandic nationals in Magic the Gathering 2017.









  • Added React Router support to ReactJS.NET, the open-source server-side rendering solution.
  • Created a poker (NLHE) game using the Unity game engine with full support for multiple all-ins and sidepots.
  • Created Fadila, a web based, literally serverless, single page application music player using bleeding edge web technology including WebAssembly & Service Workers.
  1. WebAssembly for client-side request compression.
  2. Service workers for manipulating http headers from Web Audio Api requests.